MK Online: Developer Diaries…

What a weekend.

Well, what a lot of people who go to Mortal Kombat Online might not know is that I do quite a bit of the behind-the-scenes stuff, and that I’m involved in bringing in a lot of site projects into conception or actually implementing them. Among the stuff I’ve been involved with bringing to MK Online are the MK Online IM Network (a private Jabber-based IM system), the #MortalKombat Online IRC Network (I didn’t start it, no, but I do run it now), Fight Night (the live chat with MK celebrities; again, I didn’t create it, but I did arrange and run the last two), the Fan Interview (where fans can send in their questions to Ed Boon and have them answered), Fan Fiction, and a few others. I also have other projects I work on, and finally one of them came to fruition today.

We had been discussing the idea of a blog-type thing for the MK development team with Midway for about a year now. It finally got crystallized within the past month or two, and we introduced it today. So, today, we introduced Developer Diaries, written by the members of the MK design team. The current Developer Diaries run will be in six parts, and is based on the design of the upcoming Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. I’m hoping that Developer Diaries is enough of a success that we can bring it back for future MK games as well.

Make no mistake, working for MK Online is sometimes a thankless job. Don’t let that mean we haven’t been treated well or are ungrateful for the opportunities. Midway has been WONDERFUL towards us and we’ve been very lucky to have such a great working relationship with them. It’s just that sometimes you plow on, get your work done, and wonder if the fans do appreciate the work you do. They’re the ones we do this stuff for. Then we get an opportunity like this, and it makes me thankful we CAN do stuff like this for the MK community.

Anyway… if you’re an MK fan, keep checking the Developer Diaries page. We expect updates every couple of weeks. :-)