Well, today is my mom’s bday. As usual, I left the shopping to the last minute; I left work a half-hour early yesterday to get her presents. Well, that, and the fact that I had to run to Fry’s anyway to pick up a mass of network patch cables in order to get the new jacks in the engineering area and the CEO’s office operational. While at Fry’s, I picked up The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett (the definitive Holmes) on DVD for Mom. Then I made a run up to the Woodlands Mall, stopping in Spec’s to get her a bottle of Jack Daniels (she had run out). Then, while at the mall, I went into Williams-Sonoma and got her a gift card. My shopping done, I got some food at the Sonic in the food court, and then went across to the Cinemark to see Batman Begins.

Batman Begins was actually a pretty damn good movie. It made for a much better introduction to the Batman mythos than the 1989 Tim Burton movie did, in my opinion. Of course, it helped that the main villain of the movie was my personal favorite of the Batman villains… namely, Ra’s al Ghul. Scarecrow was a little bit of a disappointment, but then nothing’s perfect. Gary Oldman, on the other hand, was hands-down the best live action Gordon yet. I was impressed just by the fact that he looked like the comic book/cartoon character of Gordon… and he nailed the role to boot. I look forward to seeing more of him.

Now I just need to see War of the Worlds sometime. I might do so this weekend, but I haven’t QUITE decided yet. Oh, well… at least this weekend will be a three day weekend.

Anyway, need to do a bit of work involving the engineering switch area et al… fun fun…