So long, KIOL…

The eclectic, iPod shuffle-like music format known as Jack FM makes its Houston debut at 10:37 a.m. Friday at 103.7 FM.

The Cumulus Media station, now known as KIOL or Rock 103.7 FM, will be reformatted as KHJK, said Pat Fant, Cumulus’ Houston market manager.

Houston will be the seventh market in Texas and the fifth top 10 market in the country to add Jack FM, which formats about a thousand songs by 500 artists in 18 genres of music dating from the late 1960s through today.

Jack FM operates without live DJs, so Cumulus will attempt to find positions elsewhere in the company for Rock 103.7’s current on-air personalities.

While I have to say I’m kind of sad to see KIOL die, I do have to admit I haven’t listened to it in a while. The last couple of times that I tried to, I found it had become almost purely classic rock, and not the mix of classic and current rock you might find on stations such as Rock 93.9. Still, I’ll check it out on the drive home tomorrow, provided I’m not on the phone with Misty. I used to listen to an eclectic playlist on my iPod when driving to and from work, so this might be interesting to try.