The reputation some fast food joints have is well deserved.

The following was emailed to me by my friends Brian and Becky. I am horrified and disgusted by what it said, and it’s more or less proof that fast food workers WILL do what they can to fuck you over. Brian and Becky were kind enough to give me permission to repost this, so read on…

Hey everyone,

Becky had a nasty little experience at the McDonalds on 4803 W 1960 this afternoon, and we felt that all of you who live in the area or may pass by should know about it.

Becky went through the drive-through lane, ordered, and when she moved forward to pay at the first window they realized that her order was incorrect, and the cashier told her to pull forward to the next window to pay. She pulled forward, gave her card to the girl, and her drinks were given to her…the drinks were incorrect and Becky realized that her order was completely messed up – no problem…right? She and the cashier/drink girl discussed it and still she couldn’t fix it, and proceeded to charge her for an extra drink (which Becky never got in the end). After Becky figured it was resolved she noticed that the girl still had her credit card. Becky asked for her card back and the girl DENIED EVEN HAVING IT. Becky and the girl argued about it for a minute until Becky actually pulled up a bit, got herself and the girls out of the car and went into the establishment. She asked to see the manager and demanded her card back, which was finally done without apology. Next Becky began to tell the manager about the problems…and when she looked over at the girl who had given her problems she saw the girl SPIT INTO A DRINK – A DRINK THAT WAS GOING TO BECKY!

Becky told the manager what she saw and all of a sudden the manager was “no compredo…no English…”

She tried to argue…tried to get her money back…tried to give the food back but everyone in the store started acting like they didn’t speak English and the ones that were OBVIOUSLY English speakers refused to speak to her.

Needless to say, she threw the food out immediately and never received a penny back.

Normally little problems happen at this McDonalds…every time we go there we’ll have a problem with the toys or the size of a drink or a simple mess up and we don’t really fuss much, but this time it’s gone WAY too far.

I know that some might think it silly, but I really encourage each and every one of you to avoid this restaurant and let others know about it so they can help. We’ve already contacted (via email) the corporate office with the complaint.

We just thought everyone should know – seems that the consequence for requiring adequate service at this McDonalds is spit in your food…but you decide…

My personal advice for people if you encounter this situation? Don’t just threaten to contact McDonald’s corporate. Contact the police… because not only were they trying to steal Becky’s credit card, tampering with food as was described is actually a felony. Still, this helps vindicate why I don’t go to many fast food places anymore…

2 thoughts on “The reputation some fast food joints have is well deserved.”

  1. That’s fucking disgusting. And it doesn’t surprise me that it’s at McDonald’s. Shit food and shithead employees. I’ve known people who’ve quit working there because management doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing.

    Id’ve thrown that drink back at the manager’s face, then punched him. That kind of crap is just inexcusable.

  2. Well, Becky and I have alerted a few people with a lot of influence in the area and the word is definately out. I would love to see the people in the general area boycot this establishment. I will await the resply from the corporate before doing much more.

    I think that Becky is MUCH more upset that the cashier tried to steal her debit card – she had to demand it back and –somehow– the “manager” had the card. We still haven’t figured that one out. (and no, there were no charges on the card we didn’t make ourselves…)

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