Stolen from Jenn… just like her original post title stole from me.

Copy this list into your journal.
Bold the ones you have done, italize the ones you’d like to do.
Add a couple to the end that you have done that you think everyone should try at least once.

-White water rafting
-Camping at Algonquin
-Running a LARP (Live Action Role Playing Game)
Playing in a LARP
Playing in a table top role playing game
-Attending a play party (a party with open sexual behaviors of some variety)
-Gothing up and going clubbing
Having children
Reading your writing in public
-Visiting Jamestown/Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia
-Having a threesome
-Having a foursome
-Riding a horse at a gallop
Reading the bible
-Attending worship services for a variety of faiths
-Giving blood
-Snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico
Getting a one hour professional massage
-Eating lobster on the East Coast
-Attending a They Might Be Giants concert
-Attending a Arrogant Worms concert
-Going Trick-or-Treating as an adult, with no kids for an excuse
-Taken a road trip
Going to Ireland
Going to an U2 Concert
Watching the Moon Rise in the middle of the ocean
Touring a German Concentration Camp
Taking a very long drive down a back country road at night
DMing (I’m assuming this means running a tabletop RPG…)
-Wilderness backpacking
Going to Disney with loved ones
-Climb a mountain
-Fought in plate armour against a steel sword
Lived in more than 2 different parts of the country
Seen the Grand Canyon
Tour the country of your ancestors
-fall madly in love
-Move to a new state, for no other reason than because you’ve always wanted to live there
-Drink a bottle of extremely good wine.
-skinny dipping in the ocean
find something that fascinates you and learn about it/do it
read a classic novel
-grow/raise something then eat it
-practice at and compete at a high level in a sport
-Make a full 3 course meal from scratch
-Camping on the East Coast
-Swim with dolphins
Pet a penguin
-Receive an award in the SCA
-Get up close to a killer whale
Go on a cruise
-Sleep outside under the stars (not in a tent) and wake up at sunrise with the loons
-feed wild birds out of your hand
-compliment a total stranger
-adopt several animals from a shelter
-take a hot air balloon ride
visit another country
-take a road trip with two or more friends
-add money to an expired (or nearly so) parking meter for a stranger’s car
watch a sunrise or sunset into/out of the ocean with someone you care about
visit a site that’s sacred to a religion other than your own.
-hold a wombat
-spend the night in a cave
Perform on stage before strangers
-Ski in the alps
-Have something you’ve written published
-Heard Tori Amos perform live.
Fired a gun
-Live for a week in the woods with no supplies
sing while working
spent a day in bed reading a book
loved so hard it hurt
laughed until you cried
-cried until you laughed
See Niagara Falls from both sides.
-Eat a vegamite sandwich.
Eat dinner in a five star restaurant.
Marry for love.
-Kiss someone hello or good-bye…not family and not someone you’re dating/with
-Hold a pet in your arms as they are put to sleep
– Go to a fast-food joint in your five-star, wedding/prom clothes
– Read poetry out loud with your friend in a paddleboat in the middle of a lake
Eaten Indian Food

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  1. Good to know that you have not fallen madly in love. At least, I know that I won’t have to have you committed for it.

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