All right, I feel tons better…

Yesterday was another work day for me, save for coworkers being nice and understanding when I was sleepy or seemed to doze off while waiting for software to update on their machines. (I never actually slept, mind you. I just went into a “standby” state, if you will.) However, when 5 PM came around, I hit the road and made my way home. A call on the way home confirmed that Mom had not made dinner with me in mind; I had said Sunday I might hit Baker St. for dinner, but that was before I was up all night. So, I picked up a General Tso’s combo from Hunam Garden on the way home, had dinner at home… and went to bed.

Yes, I went to bed at 6:45 PM.

I woke up again at around 1:30 AM or so. I spent about forty-five minutes checking email and responding to messages, got a drink, and then went right back to sleep. I woke back up at my usual wake-up time of 5:15 AM.

I feel refreshed, relaxed, and NOW I’m ready to take on the work week… what little there is left of it. Hopefully I won’t have any rugs pulled out from under me. :-)