Lazy Sunday….


I’m seriously tempted to just go upstairs and take a nap right now. I’m down in the kitchen right now on my Powerbook, spending some time out of my bedroom. It’s not like I have anything else planned for today. I had considered cleaning out my car (which I really do need to do), but I’ll probably put that off until tomorrow.

It’s sad when the most productive thing I did yesterday (outside of some MK Online server work) was put five CDs I had downloaded into my CD tower. Two of them were ones I got off the iTunes Music Store (Queen’s soundtrack to Flash Gordon and Type O Negative’s The Least Worst Of), and the other two were Overclocked Remix site projects (Hedgehog Heaven and Rise of the Star). The fifth isn’t entirely legal, but I had no idea how to acquire it when it was first released, much less now when it’s not even available to buy. The problem I’m facing now is that I’ll need a new CD tower soon; my third CD tower only has like three spaces in it, and I already have the soundtrack to The Lost Boys on order from Amazon. Another problem will be finding somewhere to put it… heh. I’m running out of space in my bedroom for CD towers.

Oh, well… I guess I should go upstairs and take a nap before it’s time we go out for dinner (whereever we decide to go today). Fun fun…