Is it Friday yet?

Bleh. It’s been a hectic past couple of weeks.

I guess I should be happy that today wasn’t too bad of a day. I got quite a bit accomplished, including doing some testing on a new laptop we got in for possible deployment to the users (the Wyse X90, which I’ll probably go on about in another post). As it stands, though, my day’s been busier due to the fact that our level one tech support person was let go last week. We’ll get another one eventually, but for now I’ve got my hands full keeping up with my old workload and the added workload that would normally be handled by someone else. Ah, well.

At least this past Saturday was fun. I ended up making my way over to Dave’s house around lunchtime, and from there we made our way over to a Pei Wei less than a mile or two away for lunch. Once done there, we made our way to Katy Mills Mall; Dave wanted to buy a few records from Past & Presents. That was fine by me, as I had never been to Katy Mills. After he did his shopping (and I took a tech support call from Dad), we wandered around the mall for a bit. I admit I went into the Games Workshop store, to see if they had Talisman in stock. Turned out they didn’t… ah, well. After we left Katy Mills, we headed back to Dave’s apartment, where we watched Batman Begins (which Dave had never seen before). Louie arrived shortly after the movie ended, and he also got to meet Dave’s new cat, “Nature Boy”. (Louie had the same reaction to Nature Boy that I did: “WOOOOOO!” :-) ) We all ended up going to Outback for dinner, after which we got some coffee at Starbucks. Now, the plan was to go to a bowling alley and do the “Extreme Bowling” deal from 11-2 AM. Unfortunately, by the time we got there the waiting list was ridiculously long, so we headed back to Dave’s apartment and watched soccer. Before I left, though, Dave got me my belated second Christmas gift, which had been on backorder. He originally got me The Last House on the Left; this one was Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD. Thanks, Dave!

Sunday was uneventful for the most part, other than putting the servers here back on their battery backup after a glitch last week caused the UPS to go slightly off-kilter. I also got another CD off iTunes: Huey Lewis & the News’s greatest hits. :-) With this CD and the self-titled Information Society I got recently, I seem to be on an 80s kick. Otherwise, yesterday was a quiet day of relaxation.

So, what does this week bring for me? Well, later this week I’m going up to Oklahoma City overnight. I’ve already started making arrangements to meet my friends Jeff and Malinda (who I haven’t seen since shortly after their wedding) for dinner while up there, which should be fun. Also, on Saturday, Sean’s rescheduled birthday dinner is happening, which should be entertaining. Otherwise… well, we’ll just see what happens. :-)

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  1. While, of course, you leave your gf with little to do, yet again. ;-P Oh, I had to give you hard time. I know that I have done the same to you. At least this time, I am being playful instead of seriously complaining.

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