A quick update on the diet…

Well, I went ahead and weighed myself on Friday. Weighing myself on Monday was mainly done to get a starting figure, as that was the day I began the diet. I was afraid that there wouldn’t be any change… or worse, that I would have gained weight.

I lost four pounds. Go me.

I don’t really expect to be able to keep up losing four pounds a week (or per four days), but even if I lose one or two pounds a week, I should come close to my goal of losing sixty pounds by the end of the year. Even then, if I don’t lose sixty pounds but lose six to eight inches off the waistline, I’ll be equally happy.

To celebrate, or to be more precise have my “splurge” meal, we went to Texas Roadhouse at I-45 and FM 1960 for dinner last night. We had never been, so it was a new experience for us. It turned out it was very much like Logan’s Roadhouse, which was a plus in my book. I ended up getting a single margarita (and water for the rest of the night), a burger (with a house salad w/ Italian dressing instead of fries), and a brownie a la mode. As hefty as that sounds, I usually eat MORE when out and about. I would have normally gotten an appetizer and chowed down on fries, plus probably have had more than one margarita. It was good, and I’m actually looking forward to going back. :-)

Also on the food front, we had a bit of an amusing exchange at dinner. Mom made spaghetti in a tomato meat sauce for dinner. While she was serving, she said, “I made this using a low carb pasta, so you don’t need to worry.” At that moment, Dad raised his head up from his own bowl, turned, and glared at her with a dirty look. Oblivious, Mom continued, “It’s the same stuff I’ve been serving for the past two years.” Dad blinked, went back to his dinner, and muttered, “It’s a good thing you said that…”

In any event, tomorrow brings week two. Hopefully things go as well this week as they did last week. We’ll see…

One thought on “A quick update on the diet…”

  1. You’ve gotta have that splurge meal at least once a week, or you will go insane. As long as you keep up the activity, the pounds will drop. I’m finding that out myself.

    As for the pasta thing, even if it was a recent change to lo-carb, that’s probably nothing a little Johnnie Black can’t fix.

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