Another week gone by…

Well, I went ahead and weighed myself yesterday morning.

Before I continue, I should mention that I wasn’t expecting to lose weight this week, really. I had gone to Cheesecake Factory on Wednesday with my boss Scot, and Thursday night I went and had sushi with Brent. Though, when I ordered at Cheesecake Factory, Scot was a bit surprised when I ordered a Miller Lite instead of a Shiner Bock. Then, when it came time to order the actual entree, he expected me to order my usual double barbecue bacon cheeseburger. Instead, to his greater surprise, I ordered a barbecue ranch chicken salad. He gave me a weird look when the waiter left, and I replied, “Dude, I AM on a diet…” On the other hand, at Tosa Thursday night, I ordered enough sushi where Brent laughed and said, “Hey, I thought you were on a diet…”

According to the scale, I lost three pounds. In other words, my overall change is that I’m down nine pounds.

My coworkers Lettye and Cherry have been noticing the change in me, especially as I’ve not been at the office too much the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, I made my first observation as to my weight loss; normally my Bluetooth earpiece’s microphone rests against my cheek. Yesterday I noticed it no longer did so. So, there is a difference so far… I’m looking forward to the bigger signs of slimming down. :-)

On another front, it looks like Taz is here to stay. Mom took her to the vet on Tuesday to have her checked over. While there, we found even more evidence she was abandoned. What we had thought was a collar was in fact a portion of leash tied around her neck. According to the vet she’s in good health, and approximately one to two years old. She’s also not spayed yet, which will be taken care of in a couple of weeks.

She’s been a real handful. She’s still in the very needy stage, which means she takes every opportunity to jump up at us. Normally we’d tell her “no”, and pull her off. The problem, though, is that she is EXTREMELY strong for her size and it takes quite a bit of effort to pull her off. Also, when I got up this morning and made my way downstairs, I entered the kitchen to see Dad working on putting what was left of Chase’s bed into a trash bag. Apparently Taz had destroyed it during the night. He was NOT a happy camper.

Taz and Gus finally realized each other existed last night. I heard Taz going berzerk barking, with Star joining in. I left my room and went downstairs to check on what was going on. From what I could tell, Gus had started being vocal and Taz realized there was someone up there. :-) Gus obviously didn’t miss the fact that there was a new bark, as well… heh.

Anyway, I don’t have too much planned for the rest of this weekend. I’ll likely go to the mall tomorrow to buy a couple of things, and then hit Baker St. for my splurge meal. Otherwise, I don’t think I have too much planned. Also, this coming week is a short week (we get Good Friday off), so that’s always welcome. Ah, well…

For now, though, I’m just going to finish this bottle of water and wait a bit before going to do my aerobic exercise. Fun fun…