That dog is turning out to be even more of a handful than we thought.

I think my coworker Cherry now has carte blanche to say, “I told you so.”

This morning, after I got up from bed and started going downstairs for breakfast, Mom caught up with me on the stairs and said, “Let me get ahead of you. I want to show you something.” That’s never a good sign, but I let her pass me and we headed downstairs, and we went past the gate at the bottom of the stairs and went to the gate at the entrance to the kitchen.

Before I continue, I should explain the gates to those who haven’t heard me mention them before. When we got Star back in 2004, we didn’t realize at the time that she was not cat-friendly. As a result, we ended up putting child gates at the entrances to the kitchen and at the bottom of the stairs so that she couldn’t get upstairs and harm or kill Gus and Ringo. The gates have been pretty effective in maintaining order.

Anyway, Mom and I get to the entrance to the kitchen, and we saw Taz laying on Chase’s bed. Upon seeing us, Taz and Star both got up from where they were resting and came to the gate, with both standing up and putting their front paws on the top of it. Mom frowned and said, “I guess she’s not going to do it this time…”

At that point, Taz steeled herself and jumped over the gate to us.

Mom then opened the gate and ushered Taz back in. I asked Mom if she had done it before this morning, and she said that she had done it last night as well. In fact, Mom was surprised this morning because she had expected to see Taz in the living room. Instead, she was in the kitchen quietly laying down, but as soon as she saw Mom she leapt over the fence to be with her.

The funny thing is, Cherry had said this would probably happen when I first told her about Taz. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when I tell her about what happened. The only worry I have now is whether she’s going to pull the same stunt to get past the fence at the bottom of the stairs…