Another weekend gone by…

Bleh. I could do with another day or two in this weekend.

It’s not as if I’ve been especially busy, per se. I’ve done quite a bit of resting this weekend, but with a potentially very busy week coming up, I could have done with a day or two more to rest. The big thing that comes to mind is the fact that we have a visitor coming to the office tomorrow morning. I have an idea who it is, but I could very easily be wrong. Still, it’s important enough where I need to be at the office all day tomorrow.

The weekend started with a bit of an annoyance, though. On Friday evening, Mom was commenting that she was getting a terrible signal on her satellite receiver. I didn’t notice any problems on mine, so I put it down to her receiver being weird. Then, Saturday morning, my own receiver started having issues while I was trying to watch Transformers: Animated. Dad noticed issues on the receiver downstairs too, which led us to believe that it was either the dish itself or the LNB splitter device we were using to get four outputs out of our dual-LNB dish. Dad thought it was the splitter, while I thought it might have been the dish being out of alignment. Well… it turned out we were both wrong. Dad had gone outside to look at the dish, and noticed that an ash tree’s branch was wafting right in front of the dish. THAT was what was causing the signal interference. Once Dad amputated it, the satellite signal came through loud and clear. I’m just thankful that the interference didn’t manifest while my DVR was recording Battlestar Galactica Friday night…

Saturday afternoon was a bit busy, too, as we all headed to Willowbrook Mall so Dad could get some shirts. I was slightly amused as we went into Macy’s, as we were confronted by an iPod vending machine upon entering. :-) Mom and Dad weren’t quite sure what to make of it. Neither Penney nor Macy’s had what Dad was after, so we wandered down to Sears. Along the way, I noticed to my utter lack of surprise that an Apple Store was on the verge of opening at the mall. On the other hand, I also noticed that the Sharper Image there was having a store closing sale. In retrospect, I should have gone in to see if they had any of those free weights you fill with water when traveling. While Mom and Dad were in Sears, I went ahead and bought a new audio cable for my iPod and car stereo from Radio Shack. After Dad struck out at Sears, he gave up and we went and had my splurge meal at Bennigans. All I have to say about that meal is this: cinnamon ice cream does NOT work with a brownie bottom pie.

As far as today goes, I haven’t done much other than upgrade this site to WordPress 2.5, and also work on getting some more of my movies in iTunes/iPod format for when my new iPod arrives. I even got to spend some time out in the backyard relaxing and watching the dogs play. It’s been a quiet day, for the most part.

In any event, like I said, I do have a busy week ahead of me. I’m thinking I’ll get a refill of my water, check on any remaining issues around, and then head to bed. I want to be at the office nice and early just in case. Ah, well… we’ll see how things go. :-)