A followup to the previous post…

Well, I saw the cardiologist this morning.

It went better than I expected. He doesn’t think there’s anything truly wrong with me, but he wants me in the office tomorrow morning so he can do an ultrasound of my heart, just to make sure it’s not abnormal. Otherwise, he just recommends that I give up caffeine entirely and cut my alcohol intake as much as possible. In addition, I need to start taking aspirin just to make sure that if this DOES happen again, the chances of a blood clot forming are much smaller. He also wants to see me in a month just to follow up.

In other words, I’m more or less fine. I’ll have to make some more changes to my diet, but otherwise everything seems to be kosher. I’ve already arranged to get my hands on decaf coffee for the office and for home, and will work to cut my alcohol intake (which was pretty small to begin with). We’ll see how it goes. :-)

Now I just need to get over this damn caffeine withdrawal and I’ll be back to 100%.

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  1. Hey Scott. Just read this. I’m glad you’re doing ok. I’ll drink a coffee for you in the morning since you can’t. Take care.

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