Damn, is it Friday yet?

I have to admit to a tad bit of annoyance. I had been craving sushi all week, but didn’t go to Tokyo City (the sushi place over by our Creekmont facility) because it’s really no fun going to a place like that all by myself. I’d ask Dave, but he doesn’t work at the Party City by it anymore. He recently got transferred to the one out in Katy. What annoys me is that a group of coworkers went to lunch without inviting me today as part of a post-shareholders’ meeting lunch. What miffed me more than anything else wasn’t the fact that I wasn’t invited, but the fact that they went to Azuma, which according to Louie has damn good sushi. I ended up settling on a sub from Subway for lunch.

On the bright side, for my splurge meal tomorrow, I decided I’d give this place near my home called Matsu a try. It’s been there for several years, and according to a check using Google Maps has plenty of good reviews. If it turns out not to be good, no harm no foul. I can always make up for it at Pei Wei the following night. :-)

Overall, it’s been a bit of a tiring week, but everything is more or less in order and working how it should be, save for a bit of an issue caused by upgrading my IMAP server earlier this week. Then again, the only people it really affected were my parents; I didn’t see the issue on my end and all of my other IMAP users get to it through the webmail. :-) The only other big item of note this week was the fact that I had to go to the aforementioned annual shareholders’ meeting this morning at the Omni Westside Hotel. I swear, it was the first time in over nine years that I had to wear a tie to work. I’m hoping it’ll be another nine years before I have to again, but if I end up going to next year’s meeting I’m sure I’ll have to again. Ah, well. I’m sure people got a kick out of seeing my dad’s Mickey Mouse tie…

In any event, I’ll be glad when this week is over with. Maybe this weekend I’ll actually get to relax (like I didn’t get to do last weekend). We’ll see, but for now, I’m really hoping I will.