A tale of four (now former) restaurants…

I have to admit to a small bit of surprise.

Yesterday I went over to Dave’s apartment. The route I normally take to his apartment takes me through the intersection of FM 1960 and Veteran’s Memorial. While passing through there, I noticed something odd, and decided to look closer to confirm my suspicions.

The Bennigan’s there had closed down.

In addition, on the way home from Dave’s, I decided to detour slightly to confirm something I had noticed on the way home from Chayn’s last weekend. The Fuddruckers and Cliff’s on FM 1960 between Kuykendahl and Veterans had both closed.

I’m a little surprised that the Cliff’s and the Fuddruckers closed. I had only been in the Cliff’s once, but the Fuddruckers had always seemed to be well-patronized. I wouldn’t be surprised if the closure was due to lost business due to the construction on Kuykendahl.

As far as the Bennigan’s goes, though… as nostalgic as I am about it, I have to admit the service had been declining over the past few years. The nostalgia comes from the fact that it was the first restaurant we ate at when we first moved to Houston in 1980, and when I grew up we would eat there for lunch every Sunday. It’s a shame to see it go, but then again I suppose its time had come.

Ah, well. Right now I’m on my way to Willowbrook to get a new pair of jeans with a slimmer waist. When we’re done there, we’ll go into the Willowbrook Bennigan’s for dinner. At least that one has maintained decent service. :-) It’s a shame about those others, but you know what they say: all (good) things come to an end.

EDIT – 5:25 PM – What the hell? The Willowbrook Bennigan’s is closed too. I wonder if the crazy lunch specials they had caused enough loss of revenue where the had to close some restaurants. The nearest one is the one at I-45 and 1960 (which they inaccurately say is the “Cypress” one). So, now, we’re at Ruby Tuesday’s having our dinner…