Tidings from the past…

There's nothing quite like time to kill when one has little to do. Right now I'm stuck out at the colocation, waiting for the obligatory traffic mess out at 610 and San Felipe to right itself before I dare venture home. I'll probably leave at around 6:30 PM… and be home in time to see Aunt Norma, who's in the country for a short bit.

Last Thursday, I got an email from an old friend. Actually, I probably would have received it sooner, but he sent it to my old ravenloft email address and got hit by my customized spam solution. (For those who never saw it, all mail to my ravenloft.net address gets bounced with a custom error message that says, "550 Recipient address rejected: Spam makes baby Jesus cry. If this is a legit email, send to…" etc.) Apparently he had dug up an old document he wrote back in 8th grade dealing with a bit of a… well, situation I had caused involving him and this one girl. I went by his site, read his blog and joined his forums, and for now… am just watching and observing. :-)

It's good to connect with old friends. The sad fact is, up until around high school, we had been a trio of best friends (including our other friend Kourt) who did a lot of fun and kinda weird stuff together. Then, during high school, I drifted away from them. Well, more like it was mutual drift, but looking back I don't blame them. In my freshman year and part of my sophomore year, I was something of a hateful asshole to those around me. I got better over time, but the drift still happened and I more or less disappeared from their circle of friends. I'd spoken to Sean since high school, of course, but never really kept up contact. That's part of the reason I'm kinda keeping back and keeping an eye on things… I'm actually hoping I can probably mend a few fences. One can never have too many friends, after all.

It's funny how some things change and how things stay the same. Sean and Kourt are both married now. Hell, Sean was apparently thinking of fatherhood recently (if you're reading this, Sean, I ain't stalking… just saw it in one of your blog entries referenced in a post to another friend). Meanwhile… things are exactly the same for me, more or less. Still single, still living at home, and still playing video games and messing around with computers. I guess the main difference for me is that I have a good job and could move out whenever I wanted to. Still, reading Sean's forum and whatnot, it gives me cause for reflection. Am I really as far along in my life as I want to be? Is there something more out there?

*shrug* I don't know. I guess for now, I'll just continue to take each day as it comes and see what happens. I'm not dissatisfied with my life, mind you. I just wonder what more could be out there, and what I've missed in my time.

(And if you've read this far, my apologies for boring you with this rare bout of self-contemplation. I'll return to the mundane details of my life, humorous anecdotes, and social commentary with the next few posts. :-) )