A needed quick vacation is upon me.

Well, right now I’m at Houston Hobby Airport, waiting to board a flight to Jackson, MS. I’m going to be spending the weekend visitng Misty, which should be pretty fun. What hasn’t been fun, though, is dealing with Hobby Airport. I’m flying Southwest instead of Continental because the fare price was a bit better. The drive to the airport wasn’t too bad either, considering I’m used to the same drive when driving to work.

What gets me about Hobby are a couple of things. First, the economy lot is a lot smaller and more cramped compared to Bush Intercontinental’s economy lot. What annoyed me more, however, was the sheer crowd going through security. I had never seen anything near as bad at Intercontinental, and one of its terminals is as big as Hobby’s single terminal. Ah, well. I suppose next time I’ll stick with Continental.

As for what I have planned for this weekend, well… we’ll probably see The Dark Knight and The X-Files, but other than it, it’ll mostly be just us spending time with one another.

I’ll probably be off the net for the most part this weekend, too, unless work needs help with something. So, if anyone needs me, I hope they have my cell phone number or work email address. :-) Otherwise, it can wait until I get back. Ah, well.

In any event, I’m just going to put my phone away and relax a little before boarding… fun fun. :-)

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  1. Oh, yes. I remember a very long line in the early hours at Hobby going to Miami. Last year, at a later time of day, almost no line at Intercontinental going to Tokyo. I know it’s two totally different types of flights, but point proven.

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