The Beast looks meaner…

I have to say it’s been something of an uneventful weekend.

About the only thing of real note I’ve done this weekend (other than play Team Fortress 2) was take the Beast (aka, my black 2008 Dodge Avenger) in to Spring Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge to have some work done. It was time for the car’s 21k mile service, and I had also decided to have its windows tinted. Houston summers tend to be pretty brutal, and while it’s kind of late in the year for the tinting to do much good, I figure it’ll be good for next year. In retrospect, I should have left the car there while they did the work, as I didn’t expect them to take four hours. I alternated between working on my laptop and taking a look at the Vipers and Challengers in the showroom. I have to say that while they look nice, I would not get either car. The Challenger is a bit more expensive than I’m willing to pay, and has crap gas mileage. The Viper has no cargo room, and, well… I can’t afford $100k on a car. :-)

Still, in the end, the Beast looks nicer. There’s just something about tinted windows on a black car that makes it look nicer. Also, admittedly, current model Dodges tend to look like mean cars. The Beast is no exception, and the tint only makes it look meaner. :-)

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty quiet weekend, all told. I watched a movie (Resident Evil: Extinction) this morning, but otherwise it’s been uneventful. This week should hopefully be quiet as well… but I don’t expect it to be. About the only good thing I’m looking forward to is a party at a friend’s house at the end of the week… which, coincidentally, will be part of a three day weekend. We’ll see how it goes. :-)

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  1. Guess we really don’t talk much anymore. Don’t recall being told about the party. I guess I need to work on this. A lot of it is me and being stressed. I go quiet when it is all getting too much. I love you.

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