I’m still alive.

Well, despite what some people might have thought or believed, I am still alive. :-)

We actually didn’t fare too badly. Despite losing power relatively early (11:30 PM on Friday night) and the storm being as loud and blustery as you’ve probably heard on the news, it actually caused very minimal damage. The back yard flooded and the front yard was littered with branches and assorted tree debris, but the worst that happened to us was the fact that a thirty foot section of our back fence was knocked down. We didn’t lose water service and the house is intact.

As far as food and water goes, we’ve been good. Our stove is electric, but we do have a propane grill in the back yard we’ve been using to cook on. We also have plenty of water and non-perishable food. It also helps that restaurants in the area have been opening; Monday night we all went to Texas Roadhouse at I-45 and FM 1960 for dinner, and tonight we’re meeting at the Denny’s by my dad’s office for dinner. Also, my preferred Chinese takeout place is open. We’re okay in that respect.

My main gripe right now is about the power situation. If the CenterPoint map is to be believed, my house probably won’t get power back until after Monday. I admit I’ve been going nuts without power; I’ve already been entertaining myself by spending an hour a night on the internet using my work laptop and its cell broadband card, and by watching stuff on my iPod like the Doctor Who serial “Tomb of the Cybermen” and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The thing that’s been worrying me is the fact that I’d start losing email if my servers didn’t get power. The backup mail servers can hold mail for about a week before expiring it, and it’s coming up on a week. So, my boss has been nice enough to let me bring the servers to the office and let me host them here until such time as I get power at home. Hopefully it’ll be back soon… I’m going nuts there, plus without my Playstation 2 my nightly exercise routine is suffering.

Ah, well. That’s where things stand on my end. Life is settling back to normal, and we were pretty damned lucky, all things considered. I’ll just keep trucking along.