Still going without power…

It’s officially day nine without power. According to the maps CenterPoint has drawn up concerning restoration of power, our area is not promised to have power back before tomorrow. As some of you might imagine, I’ve been more or less going insane without power here. I’ve taken a few steps to mitigate the misery, as it were, but it’s all I can do at this point.

For example, as stated before, I’ve moved the servers to the office so that I and others wouldn’t lose mail. I think stuff sent Saturday or Sunday may have been lost anyway, but this was the best I could do. Unfortunately, AT&T’s cellular service’s DNS servers have the hostnames for my server cached, so the servers are inaccessible in some ways. The main website is inconsistently available. My mail services, on the other hand, are ALWAYS stuck on the old IP, so I can’t check my mail from my iPhone, nor can Sean check his from his Blackberry. It’s rather frustrating, as you might imagine.

I’ve also been using my iPhone for Internet usage more and more. I had given myself an hour or so of net time on my work laptop a night, seeing as it has a built-in cell broadband card. I’ve already just about exhausted the battery this weekend, so now I’m using the iPhone. Its web browser is very usable, I have AIM installed for instant messaging, and I downloaded and installed TouchTerm last night so that I could have SSH capability. The only disadvantage (other than the soft keyboard) is that I can only use one app at a time. It’s annoying, but not something that I can’t stand. Then again, unlike the laptop, I have access to a car charger for the iPhone.

Ah, well. It also helps when I have all those movies loaded into my iPod. I watched Enter the Dragon last night, and might watch either Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children or Krull tonight, provided power doesn’t come back on. I’ll just have to remember to charge the iPod this afternoon too.

Ah, well. I’m surviving here. I’m just glad that I’ll get a respite from this sooner or later. :-)