Yet another day….

Meh. Right now I’m sitting at my desk, taking a quick break from work, and realizing that I can’t wait for a vacation. I’ve got a vacation coming up next week (going out of town for a couple of days), and then at the end of the month I’ll be making my way over to Las Vegas for a few days. I always enjoy Vegas; this time I’ll probably try and spend more time at the table games than I do at the slots. It also helps that we’re staying at Bally’s again, as I really liked Bally’s the time we stayed there last time. Granted, Mandalay Bay was nice as well, but I’m not quite sure I could have afforded it on my own. :-) Oh, well… I guess I’ll talk more about that trip as I get closer to it.

I’ve decided that I REALLY need to lose weight. Yes, I know how many times I’ve said it. This time I’m actually trying to do something about it. I’ve already cut out all soda except for one Diet Coke a day (to forestall the caffeine withdrawal symptoms) and cut out the beer, and am drinking water the rest of the day. I’m also doing my best to eat sensibly during the day. When I get home at night I just have a light supper… usually a bowl of cereal. Next week or the week after I’ll start exercising with the stair-stepper equipment Mom bought a while ago that sits in her office. I don’t have time to go to a gym, and when it came right down to it, DDR wasn’t doing anything for me. Oh, well… we’ll see how well this does for me. I’m tired of looking overweight.

Anyway, enough of this break… time to get some stuff done. Fun fun…