The Haiku History of Mortal Kombat.

In my last post, I reposted a meme requesting information from my readers (more from the LiveJournal side). Well, on the post’s LiveJournal mirror, Jesse decided to ask me to post the entire history of Mortal Kombat in less than thirty sentences (400 words). I asked her to clarify; did she want the in-game history or the actual history of the game series? Her response:


I decided to take her up on the challenge, and less than thirty minutes later had it done. Seeing as at least one friend really liked it, I’ve decided to make it available here for others to read. :-)

Mortal Kombat was
released in nineteen-ninety-
two, by Midway Games.

In nineteen ninety-
three, Mortal Kombat II came
out for the arcades.

In the same year, home
versions of the first MK
came out for consoles.

Super Nintendo
was the loser, as the port
had no blood or guts.

In nineteen-ninety-
four, MKII came out for
home. Nintendo won.

In nineteen-ninety-
five, Mortal Kombat 3 came
out in the arcades.

The movie came out
that year as well, and to fans’
surprise, did not suck.

In late ninety five,
Ultimate MK3 was
released, with new stuff.

MK Trilogy
came out only for consoles
in mid-ninety-six.

MK Trilogy
had most fighters and levels
from previous games.

In ninety-seven,
Mortal Kombat 4 came out
and was 3D too.

Mythologies was
out in ninety-seven too.
It’s console only.

Special Forces came
out in ninety-nine for home.
It’s best forgotten.

Deadly Alliance
came out in 02. It was
for consoles only.

04, Deception
came out. Some fans liked it but
some thought it broken.

Shaolin Monks came
out in 05. It was an
adventure type game.

Armageddon came
in 06, and had all of
the old characters.

Armageddon is
considered to be the low
point of the series.

In 08, MK
versus DC Universe
came out. What, Joker?

I hope you’re happy.
This was not easy to do.
Why did I bother?