A new side to Doctor Who I hadn’t thought of before…

I happened to see this on Jenn’s LiveJournal yesterday, and I happened to share her general reaction to it: “HOLY CRAP!” It seems some guy is putting together an anime short based on Doctor Who. He did a posting on YouTube of his progress so far, and it’s amazing so far. It’s got the Third(!) Doctor, Imperial Daleks(!!), Davros (in his Emperor Dalek configuration, as he SHOULD have looked) real proper Cybermen that look more menacing than the new series ones (wait until you see one take out a Dalek), the Brigadier, and even the Master.

If I had to say what I DIDN’T like, it would be that the animation of the kids(?) running in the subway looks a little off, and that the look of the Doctor’s “companion” is just jarring compared to everything else. She doesn’t fit. Otherwise, it looks DAMN good so far.

If you want to see other stills and work in progress stuff, you can find it at the maker’s DeviantArt page, located here