One of these days I should learn to be careful what I wish for.

HOUSTON, March 4, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — T-3 Energy Services, Inc. (“T-3 Energy”) (Nasdaq:TTES) announced today that it has completed the purchase of the assets of the Azura Energy Systems Surface business for $8.14 million in cash plus the assumption of accounts payable and other current liabilities. This business, when consolidated with T-3 Energy’s current Wellhead business, will provide additional geographic locations in key markets and allow consolidation of several facilities where both companies are presently located.

One of the things I had been hoping for recently was to do a bit more business-related travel. It gets me out of the office and out of the house for a while, and I see parts of the country I normally wouldn’t see. (Though, granted, considering the industry I work in, I tend to describe such places as “the ass end of America”.) So, when I heard about the acquisition of Azura Energy, I figured it’d be a good excuse to do a bit of travel… especially considering one of the locations is in Norman, OK. That gives me an excuse to go say hi to Jeff and Malinda.

Well, as always, it didn’t turn out like that. After talking to my boss on the phone, it was decided that I would go up to our Alvarado TX location next Thursday and Friday… and that I would hit the Odessa TX, Conway AR, and Indiana PA locations the following Sunday through Wednesday. I’m going to be a human pinball for about a week. I swear I’m going to end up tired of traveling by the time I’m done.

What makes that a problem is that the Tuesday after I get back from my breakneck journey across the States, I’m leaving AGAIN to go to Las Vegas. The main saving grace will be the fact that I’ll be going there on vacation instead of on business. I’ve taken the entire week off… which will likely be the last long vacation I get to take for a while. Still, with all the traveling I’ll be doing, I know I’m not going to be in any mood to travel for the next 30+ Club outing, which is why I’ve already decided to sit this month’s out. It sucks, but it’s either that or burn out even quicker.

Ah, well… we’ll see how the trip goes. Fortunately I have a week or so to prepare for it. I just hope it goes better than I’m expecting.