Chocolate-covered childhood memories…

Sometimes, it’s interesting what we forget from our childhoods…

Late last week, I happened to be in my coworker Deborah’s office when she happened to show me a fundraising catalog given to her by another coworker. The catalog was typical stuff for school children’s fundraising, including Christmas wrapping paper and ornaments, magazine subscriptions, and chocolates. However, while showing me the catalog and discussing it with the other coworker, mention was made of a particular chocolate item and it took me back to my childhood.

I don’t know how many people reading would remember, but years ago (ending in probably the mid to late 80’s) department stores like Sears sometimes had areas in them where they would sell candy by the bag. My parents and I would go to the mall on a regular basis; if it wasn’t weekly it was at least every other week. When we did, I would always ask for a bag of chocolate covered raisins. I didn’t always get one, but when I did it was a real treat. It was never anything else but chocolate covered raisins, at least until I got to junior high school or thereabouts, when I started eating gummi bears on a regular basis instead.

The weird thing is that I haven’t had chocolate covered raisins since. In fact, I almost never ate them outside of those mall trips, either. It wasn’t that I had developed a dislike for them. For some reason, I just stopped eating them. Over time, I had completely forgotten about those things, to the point that I didn’t even remember Sears (and others?) having the candy counters to begin with. It’s a shame, really… the raisins really were rather good.

I ended up going ahead and ordering from the catalog too. Now I’m just waiting for my two boxes of chocolate covered raisins. :-)

3 thoughts on “Chocolate-covered childhood memories…”

  1. You do know that those things are not as fat free as they are claimed? So watch yourself on the massive snacking.

  2. Yeah, that takes me back to the Woolsworth doing that. We still got shops in town selling candy by the bag though. :) My fave is the gummi slices. The kind with the sugar super sweet eating 2 is enough, either mixed or seperate flavors. My fave is the bag of red cherry slices. Or those gummi (like bears) strawberries. Have fun eating your memories. :)


  3. Though I just had another thought…the Sears candy counter was not so bad, but remember the candy stores where you bagged it yourself. As we were younger, at least most of us, probably didn’t think about all the germs that we may have encountered from getting candy from those stores.

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