A number of my friends will tell you that one of my favorite types of games are trivia games. I don’t get to play them as often as I would like, but whenever I see a trivia game, whether it be something on Twitter or a trivia bot on an IRC channel, I’ll be likely to get drawn in. It helps that my brain is a storehouse of useless information; more than once Jennifer has asked me a trivia question, and then after I answer correctly, ask, “How the hell do you even know that?”

Well, if you’ve ever been to certain bars in the US (especially ones like Buffalo Wild Wings), you’ve probably noticed an electronic trivia and poker system on some of the TV screens. It’s through a service called Buzztime, and as you might imagine, I tend to get playing as soon as I enter. It helps that they have an app for the iPhone that allows me to play without needing one of their Playmaker units.

I’ve actually entered into a kind of routine. On Wednesdays at 7 PM CDT, they have a game called “Sci-Files”. It’s what it sounds like: it’s a fifteen question game that focuses entirely on science fiction and fantasy. Whenever I can, I go to the BWW in Pearland on Wednesday nights and play. Jennifer was good enough to humor me tonight and we went over to play. I’ve yet to crack the top 20 nationwide in a Sci-Files game, yet I’ve come as close as in the mid-20s. Tonight I didn’t even make that; I ranked around 100-105. Still, considering that’s nationwide and out of 5000 or so people, that’s pretty good.

I did see evidence that I’ve been playing quite a bit, though. At the end of the game, before they give the network rankings, they show the top scores for the game from the past year. I hold the top four spots. I’d say I should probably take a long hiatus at some point, but I really do want to make the top 20 at some point. It’s not that anyone other than me and Jennifer would care. It’d be a nice accomplishment, is all.

Ah, well. Hopefully it’ll happen soon.