Mortal Kombat: Dracula Killer

I posted in an earlier post that I had been working on a bit of Mortal Kombat fan fiction called “Dracula Killer”. I had written a scene and thought that would be enough, but Jennifer and others convinced me that there had to be more to the story. So, from there, I brainstormed, came up with an expanded plotline. However, the story mode in the new game clarified some previously missing information from Mortal Kombat 3 that ended up being counter to my own assumptions in the story. So, I ended up giving up, and I posted the original onto the fan submission system on Mortal Kombat Online.

What I didn’t expect was pretty much everyone who commented also asking for more, despite the continuity problem. So, I went ahead and decided to finish the story.

As a bit of background, I had thought about a couple of different “scenarios” involving Mortal Kombat characters, and one I kept coming back to was the character of Kurtis Stryker meeting up with a vampire. (Vampires were introduced to the series in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.) A while ago, I had discussed story concepts with my friend Becky, and she told me I should put some of them down in writing. While I wanted to, I wanted to warm up with something else. So, I wrote the “Dracula Killer” story out, not expecting people to want more out of it.

I really should thank Jennifer for helping me flesh out the expanded storyline and for supporting me in this endeavor. Crow and Becky were also very supportive as well, and I’m thankful to them, too. :-)

As for the story itself, you can read it on MK Online (link goes to the first part), or if you like, you can read the whole story in a PDF file (formatted to MLA short story guidelines).