A move, and other changes…

Imagine, if you will, a beach on the Texas coast. On this beach, a man sits on a beach chair. It’s obvious he’s been out in the surf more than once, but is relaxing for now. A small table sits next to him, behind which sits a cooler full of drinks. He’s got a Bud Light in a can he’s drinking from, and he’s eating chips and dipping them into a jar of salsa bean dip. He’s wearing cargo swim trunks, a grey tshirt, sunglasses, and a cap. A pair of sandals are waiting for him in the car. He’s relaxed, enjoying the sun and the sound of the surf. The only hints to his geekiness are the SolidWorks logo on his cap, and the copy of Snow Crash he’s reading.

If you had told me a year ago that that man would be me in a year’s time, I would have thought you were insane.

Things have changed a great deal over the past month and a half. At the end of May, I packed my things and moved down to Pearland, moving in with Jennifer. It’s been something of an interesting experience, as neither of us have lived with roommates in several years. Other than the room that we designated as my office (we’re kind of calling it the Bish-Cave), the changes in decor here have been more subtle than anything else, with my equipment or decorations supplementing what’s already here. As for my office, it’s pretty much everything me; I had brought my PC and equipment, desk, books, DVDs, games, artwork, collectibles, TV, TV stand, and consoles and got them all set up here, only needing to add a set of shelves Jennifer donated, and two sets of bookshelves I bought from IKEA. The artwork has changed, too; with Dad’s help I found a couple of my old Mortal Kombat II posters, and Jennifer and I found one of my old Star Trek posters. They’re all hanging now, complete with other collectible items. The only other item of note in my office is an elliptical, which I use on nights when I can’t get to the gym.

My clothing has changed somewhat, as well. Before, I wouldn’t even think of wearing shorts. With it getting even hotter in Houston than is usual, I decided it was high time I got some shorts. While we were over at Academy doing some shopping, I picked up two pairs of cargo shorts. On a whim, I also picked up a pair of sandals as well, which shocked Jennifer no end. I’ve been wearing them regularly since, and I have to admit they’re pretty comfortable. The cargo shorts have been so useful I’ve even gotten a pair of cargo pants… though, the cargo pants are currently out of commission due to a bit of an issue involving the button. :-( The main thing I like about the cargo shorts/pants is the fact that they have enough pockets where I can drop my iPhone in one and not have to worry about needing a belt clip. :-)

We’ve also been doing new things as well. A perfect example is grilling. Jennifer had never owned a grill of her own. Well, a few weeks back, two friends of ours offered to sell us their practically new propane grill dirt cheap. Of course, we jumped at the chance, and with our friend Louie’s help we brought it home. The weather in Houston hasn’t been cooperative, but we have had a couple of chances to try out the grill. The first time we grilled burgers and hot dogs, basically making it up as we went along. Tuesday night we cooked steaks, and we finally got them cooked and decent through trial and error. Tonight, I decided I was going to cook burgers on my own (as I haven’t really cooked for myself in a LONG time), and using knowledge remembered from when I used to cook at my parents’ house and tips online, I cooked the very first Bishburgers. :-) They came out very yummy, and I’m already planning on variations on what I cooked. I’m hoping to serve them when we have friends over for dinner…

So far, the past month has been pretty fun and a learning experience for both of us. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but based on what we’ve done so far, we’re looking forward to it. :-)