A bit of strangeness to start the day…

Normally I wouldn’t post about a show I don’t watch, but this caught my eye…


HI, Crab Man!

Over here, Rubberband Man!

Hey, Mr. Steeples!

Eddie Steeples has tackled many characters while making a name for himself.

TV fans know him as Darnell, aka Crab Man, who marries Earl’s ex on NBC’s breakout sitcom My Name Is Earl. His Rubberband Man for OfficeMax was nominated for an Emmy for outstanding commercial. As Mr. Steeples, he writes music for No Surrender, a hip-hop group he performs with in New York.

Steeples even was named one of People magazine’s up-and-coming Sexiest Men for 2004, along with Kanye West, Adam Brody and Joshua Payne.

Steeples, who writes, directs and acts in indie film and does the occasional stand-up gig, also is a Klein Oak High School graduate, class of 1992. After a trip to Brazil to shoot a documentary on world peace, he stopped by his mother’s home in Spring last week to catch up with family — he’s the oldest of eight children — and friends.

I also graduated from Klein Oak High School, class of 1992. I have no idea WTF this guy is; I had never even heard of him before this morning. Granted, the senior class was 500-something people, so I wouldn’t have known EVERYONE, but this just kinda threw me.

Meh… it’s just something I found really odd.

One thought on “A bit of strangeness to start the day…”

  1. I do remember Eddie, but you have to remember he was pretty short back in high school. He’s in the yearbook. Other KO ’92 famous people include Neil Busch, who is in the band “And You Will Know Them By The Trail of Dead.” And I would watch My Name Is Earl if I were you. It is a GREAT show, and if you like Jason Lee’s characters in any of the Jay & Silent Bob films, you wiill like MNIE too. As for Eddie, Jinny thought he looked familiar!

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