A friend’s travelogue…

A couple of weeks ago, my old friend Sean went to the United Arab Emirates on a business trip for work. While he was originally apprehensive about going (as I found during a late evening coffee with him and his wife at Denny’s), it appears he found it to be a rather… hmm, I’m not sure enlightening is the right word, but it certainly seemed like an interesting experience. While he was there, he posted his observations and photos in his weblog; I showed it to a coworker earlier today, and she found it so interesting I figured I might as well share it with the rest of you.

The posts are all located at http://dianto.org/blog/index.php/category/travelogue/, and are posted in reverse order. (So, I do recommend scrolling to the bottom and reading upwards.)

(Hopefully he won’t mind me linking you all to it… heh.)