Thanks to Jenn to directing me to this bit of hilarity…

Most of the jokes practically write themselves.

The (not so) Big Boom.

The Leaning Tower of Zip.

The building won.

But in the days to come, talk show hosts and jokesters across the country are sure to come up with their own ways to mock the fiasco that left Sioux Falls (and its tallest building) hanging.

Armed with acres of footage of the demolition that wasn’t, Jay Leno, David Letterman and the yukking classes probably will pillory South Dakota mercilessly for our collective incompetence, conveniently forgetting that it was an out-of-state firm that botched what had been referred to as a piece-of-cake operation.

But if an unscientific sampling of public opinion at the site and at a local after-party are to believed, people in Sioux Falls are having more fun with this than anyone.

Groans gave way to laughter as soon as it became apparent that the thing wasn’t coming down and, within moments, the jokes started.