Gah, water overwhelming…

Today was not one of the better days around here.

I woke up very early this morning to the sound of heavy rain and thunder outside. I heard some barking outside that sounded like our dog Chase, so I peeked through the blinds to look at the front yard below. Mom was outside walking Chase in the yard so he could do his morning business… and to my shock, the street was flooded. I went back to sleep for a short bit, and then went downstairs for breakfast and learned what was going on. I later told Sean about it…

D’Arque Bishop: We almost had water get into the house. Thanks to all of the construction to the north of us, rainwater doesn’t get soaked up there like it used to and so it comes down our way. The water was nearly to our back door’s seal.
D’Arque Bishop: In fact, I didn’t even bother leaving for work. I’m at home now logged into the corporate VPN.
Sean MC: Oh god!
Sean MC: We were okay– wonder how dad faired? You know there’s got to be water in the DeHaas house then.
D’Arque Bishop: More than likely, as the only way we avoided water getting into the house was Bicycle Repairman springing to action and digging a 6 inch trench and drainage pipe.

For the record, “Bicycle Repairman” was our old nickname for my father. It came out from the old Monty Python skit where the superhero of a world full of Supermen was Bicycle Repairman. He earned it after coming out to fix our bikes one time after something happened to them while we were in some other neighborhood.

Anyway, I digress. The entire city suffered flooding, especially around where my office was. After getting warnings about the conditions from a few employees, I decided it would be best if I just worked from home today. Of course, it didn’t help that the main network circuit at the office died and we had to find a way around it. I’ll likely have to go in early tomorrow to make sure the makeshift replacement circuit is holding up, which is not a good thing considering weather conditions tomorrow morning are forecast to be the same if not worse. :-/ *sigh*

Oh, well. I can’t afford to work from home another day, as I’ve got too much going on at the office to even consider it. All I can hope for right now is that the weather will cooperate tomorrow morning and I’ll be able to get to the office with a minimum of issues. Here’s hoping…