Quake is officially ten years old.


cyclomedia writes “Late on 22nd June 1996 Quake was uploaded to cdrom.com’s archives in the form of 7 1.44MB floppy disk images. Though it wasn’t until the 23rd that everyone realised (or at least, that’s my excuse for being a day late with the news submission). Cue much aggravation on the newsgroups as eager downloaders experienced glorious 2 FPS gameplay.”

Damn… how time flies. I still remember first playing the Quake demo on my ex-girlfriend Malinda’s PC, and rushing out soon after to get my own copy of the demo. Quake brought me many hours/days of fun, from joining up with Armand, Monday, and Missy for co-op play, to massive and furious CTF battles with Sinc, Venger, Jade, Armand, and Worff. Even when I started at Custom Computer Centers and they had their Friday night LAN parties, Quake was the order of the day. I still keep my copy in the CD rack over my computer monitor, and I have the soundtrack imported into my iTunes. Hell, to this day, there are projects dedicated to improving the game’s source code, which was released under the GPL a few years back.

I suppose I should play some more of the game this weekend, just for old time’s sake. Heh.