This weekend was just what I needed.

Well, this marks the end of yet another weekend, and quite frankly, it was just what I needed. I didn’t get much, if anything, accomplished. It’s simply been a weekend of relaxation while I recuperated from the events of last week. I had mentioned that the network circuit had gone down at my office Monday in a previous post. It went down again Tuesday, and I was at the office until 8 PM with the AT&T repairman while he fixed it. I thought the problem had been resolved… until the circuit went down AGAIN Wednesday evening. After a couple of hours, it came back up again. About all Qwest could get out of AT&T in regards to the outage was, “Sorry, our fault. It’s fixed now.” It’s stayed up since then… however, Wednesday evening the backup server died. :-/ I managed to get it partially operational on Thursday, and then after going through a bunch of hoops I managed to get it up Friday afternoon. It was stressful and annoying, and I am SO glad it’s all fixed and working properly.

So, what did I do this weekend? Yesterday I took Mom for her birthday dinner at Steak & Ale. We hadn’t been in years, and we figured it was time for a change from Outback Steakhouse and Cheesecake Factory. (I had actually been to the latter on Wednesday with Dave.) It was pretty good, and we’ll go back again at some point. I’ve always liked Steak & Ale; the menu might be rather limited, but the ambience of an old time steakhouse is always so relaxing. Heh. Mom really appreciated the meal, too, which is what counts in the end. As for today… I ended up going to meet my friend Lindsey to see The Lake House at the Cinemark off of Market Street. I don’t go for chick flicks as a rule, but it was good to see Lindsey, and I admit the movie’s preposterous premise had me intrigued. My verdict? It was a bit slow, but otherwise it was a good film. Afterwards we ate at Johnny Rocket’s (a burger joint with a 50’s setting), browsed around Border’s, and then I came home. All in all, a fun afternoon outing.

As for this week, it should hopefully be a bit more calm than last week was, even with my boss’s boss coming into town for meetings. I also plan on making a bit of a tech purchase, but that’ll be in a day or two. For now, though, I’m just going to relax for the rest of the evening; tomorrow’s a new day and all.