A change on the main PC…

I’ve gone ahead and made a massive change to my main PC.

Main PC desktop - 17 Sept 2006

As you can see, I’ve gone ahead and loaded Windows Vista RC1 on this machine. It’s actually been a source of frustration, mostly, as I spent most of the day trying to get Vista’s installer to recognize my hard drives. I finally got it to recognize by using doing a semi-clean install from Windows XP. Ah, well… this is definitely taking a lot of getting used to.

The main things I’m coming across that annoy me most are that the (My) Documents, (My) Pictures, and other folders are handled differently in Vista than they were in previous versions of Windows, plus some program installers gripe if those folders are located on a network drive. I’ve worked around it for now, but I know it’ll end up biting me in the ass if this behaviour continues when it’s officially released and I have to work with it at the office.

Ah, well. I suppose I’ll get used to it over time. For now, I’ll muddle through as best I can.