Monday morning, and all is well…?

It’s the start of another week, and in a few hours I’ll be on my way to Mexico on a business trip. I can’t say I’m entirely looking forward to it, but there’s no point getting bothered. At least it’s just for two nights.

I do have to admit the morning didn’t start out too well. I’ve taken a vow: next time I’m at a remote location, I’ll ask someone else to make the coffee if I’ve never used the coffeemaker before. I was jonesing for some brew, and went ahead and tried to make a pot. I put the filter together and poured water into the appropriate spot. I then pressed brew.

… only to find that the coffeemaker had its own dedicated water line running into it, and that pressing “BREW” caused it to get water from there as well. Oops.

Fortunately the overflow of weak coffee was mopped up, and the only real casualty (other than two rolls of paper towels) was my dignity. Still, I think from now on I’ll keep from brewing coffee without familiarising myself with the coffeemaker first.

As for this weekend, it was pretty uneventful other than three things. One was the upgrade to Windows Vista, and the other was the router replacement (both of which I already talked about). The other was an outdoor barbecue that Meredith and Jonathan threw at their house. I must say, the food was damn good, and it was fun seeing the gang again, so to speak. Otherwise, one could argue it was the calm before the storm of this week.

In any event, support tickets have just arrived, and I must attend to them. I’ll post from Villahermosa once I get there.