The War of the War of the Worlds – The Aftermath

Last September, I wrote in my LiveJournal about the fact that there were two adaptations of The War of the Worlds in development. One is the one done by Steven Spielberg that everyone knows about. The other was done by a British company that aimed at making the movie accurate to the book. For reference, you can read my original posting here.

In any event, I wasn’t aware the British version had already been released by this time, until I was reading Harry’s DVD Picks for June on Ain’t It Cool News. Turns out it’ll be out on Region 1 DVD later this month… and it doesn’t look good.

You can go here to see Amazon’s page on it, but the fact that it only has one and a half stars out of five doesn’t bode well. Apparently both the acting and the FX are horrid beyond belief.

I’ll pass this one by. Now I just need to see how the Spielberg/Cruise version turns out…