On the forefront of modern technology?

I seem to have become the technology testbed for the CIO where I work.

Some months back, he bought a Microsoft Optical Notebook Mouse a day or so after seeing me work with mine. A month or two ago, he came into my office to show me his MP3 player, and I showed him my iPod. Sure enough, a couple of days later he had bought himself an iPod Photo and was asking me questions on how to set it up.

Anyway, yesterday I showed him my AirPort Express, which is a portable wireless access point and router that’s about the size of a deck of cards. When I went to E3, four of us with laptops shared one room’s network connection using the AirPort Express. I’ve also started taking it with me on business trips to act as a hardware firewall. Well, last night, Adam went to the Galleria to eat at the Cheesecake Factory, and while there stopped in the Apple Store. As an impulse buy, he went ahead and bought an AirPort Express. The end result is that he’s so impressed with it that not only is he going to arrange for all the IT guys to have one, he’s going to allow me to expense mine even though I bought it a month and a half ago.

I’m not going to gripe. :-) What can I say… it’s nice sometimes to be thought of as being at the cutting edge of today’s technologies. :-)