A change and a passing at Mortal Kombat Online…

All right, so, for those who might not have been keeping up with current events over at Mortal Kombat Online, Scott Howell, one of the two co-founders and the site webmaster, resigned yesterday. While it’s going to be sad to see him go, it’s something that had been brewing for a while, and we had prepared for this moment. So, while he’s not going to be working for the site any longer, we will still keep going, as strongly as we have been.

Of course, now this means I’m taking his place as webmaster. Eeeeep.

On one hand, I’ve been ready for this moment for a while, and have been doing a lot of hard work for the site. On the other hand, having more of the responsibility for the site on my shoulder is a hellishly daunting task. I just hope I can live up to what Scott brought to the site for so long.

Here’s hoping, anyway.