And now, my one bit of political commentary for the day…

This came up in an IM conversation between myself and Lhadatt last night…

(Note to you non-Texans: this is during last night’s gubernatorial debate. “Kinky” refers to Kinky Friedman, one of two independents running for governor of Texas.)

Lhadatt: the difference between kinky and the other 3 candidates is amusing.
DArqBishop: ?
Lhadatt: half-watching the debate.
Lhadatt: someone asked kinky about his “racist” comments.
Lhadatt: kinky: keep getting offended and you’ll never get anything accomplished
Lhadatt: other 3: offensive language has no place in politics
DArqBishop: I dunno.
DArqBishop: I consider “warrantless wiretapping”, “retroactive immunity for war crimes”, and “legal torture” to be offensive language yet they seem to have no problem with it in politics.
Lhadatt: hahaha