Computer commercials through the ages…

It’s been said that the average American will see two million TV commercials by the time he or she turns 65. Doing some quick math in my head, I believe that means that I’ve seen…well, a terrifyingly large number of commercials for PCs and related products over the past 26 years or so. You too, maybe.

One of the many perversely fascinating things about YouTube is that its users have uploaded a remarkable percentage of those ads to the site, including both famous and obscure examples. Watch enough of them, in the right order, and what you have is a history of the PC in American life.

I’ve been doing that watching this weekend–and thanks to the magic of embedded YouTube, you can join me if you so choose.

This is worth viewing, if only just to see some of the old 80’s commercials with people like William Shatner and Bill Cosby. Some of the real old-school stuff is there, including the Coleco ADAM (I was the only person I knew who had one). Heh.

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