The site’s three main plugins…

While at the party yesterday, I managed to impress a number of people when I showed that I could post to the site blog via email (at the time, using my Cingular 8125 cell phone), and also via the fact that posts on my site immediately crosspost over onto my LiveJournal. They were asking what plugins I used, and rather than contact them individually I decided to post what they were here. :-)

  • Postie: This is the plugin I use for posting via email. Email posting requires a separate email address for the actual emails to be sent to, and possibly access to the server’s crontab. It’s actually quite a neat plugin, and has worked fairly well for me in the past.
  • LiveJournal Crossposter: This is actually the second LiveJournal crosspost tool I’ve used. The first one, Live+Press, was neat but didn’t work with Postie and had issues with WordPress 2.x. Formatting issues were also not uncommon. This one is a lot more basic, and doesn’t support the Current Mood/Music tags, but works almost flawlessly and has had no issues whatsoever.
  • Auto Shutoff Comments: I actually found this one at Sean’s request; considering how much spam comes in through the older posts (which are almost all blocked these days by Akismet), Sean just felt that it was best to close off their comments forms. After a while, I decided he was right and implemented it on my own site. It doesn’t work for trackbacks, but then Akismet’s good about catching those as well.

While those three plugins aren’t essential for the site, they definitely make my life easier (as well as make it easier for my LJ friends). I highly recommend giving them a try, if you think they might be useful for you. :-)