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LONDON, England (Reuters) — Four members of seminal British rock band Pink Floyd will play together for the first time in 24 years at London’s Live 8 charity concert for Africa on July 2, publicists for the event said on Sunday.

Guitarist David Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason and keyboard player Richard Wright will be on stage with bassist Roger Waters for their first public performance since they played at London’s Earls Court in 1981.

The rock legends will join a star-studded line-up including Coldplay, Elton John and Paul McCartney at the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park, organized by activist rocker Bob Geldof to pressure rich nations to ease African poverty.

“Like most people I want to do everything I can to persuade the G8 leaders to make huge commitments to the relief of poverty and increased aid to the third world,” said Gilmour.

“Any squabbles Roger and the band have had in the past are so petty in this context, and if reforming for this concert will help focus attention then it’s got to be worthwhile.”


2 thoughts on “Oh… my…”

  1. I hate the term seminal. Here are the definitions, and I think you’ll see why I hate the term:

    Of, relating to, containing, or conveying semen or seed.
    Of, relating to, or having the power to originate; creative.
    Highly influential in an original way; constituting or providing a basis for further development: a seminal idea in the creation of a new theory.

    So it could be the germ of a new, great thing, or it could just be lovejuice, sperm, come. Blech.

    Anyway, this is pretty awesome about Pink Floyd, though I bet if you ask them, they wouldn’t want to be called sperm either.

  2. &*^#&^%&^%$*^#*#

    While I agree on the basis of your argument that it’s bad phrasing… it’s not something I needed to read when I just finished talking to coworkers about lunch plans. *sigh*

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