Sometimes, one has to acknowledge that there is more out there than what we know…

I know the subject sounds very spiritual… unfortunately, this is going to be a rant that deals more with technology and ignorance of same than anything else. If you’re expecting a deep discussion, bypass this entry. :-)

That said…

Among the entries on my links page is a webcomic called Ctrl+Alt+Del. For the most part, I find it amusing and enjoy reading it. However, I came to a realization after reading Wednesday’s comic: Tim Buckley, the author, really has no concept of the world outside of gaming. For reference, I present the comic:

Frankly, if I didn’t think the email would be lost among whatever juvenile flames would be sent his way, I’d send him something along these lines:

“I read your comic on Wednesday, and I was kind of troubled by the attitude you take towards Macs. Make no mistake, I use Windows, myself. My main PC at home runs Windows XP Professional. I use it for playing around and gaming. I’m at work right now, as a systems/networking administrator and support person. I also do news reporting and sysadmin work for Mortal Kombat Online, the net’s top MK fansite. I currently have terminal sessions going to four different Linux and Windows servers I’m administrating. I often find myself working out shell scripting on this machine. Image and video manipulation for MK Online is quite common. This laptop also fairly seamlessly integrates into the network here at my office, for both file and printer sharing. It is, in short, the best laptop I’ve ever used for work purposes.

“It’s a Powerbook G4 running Mac OS X 10.3.

“I also have other friends who use Powerbooks for their work duties; I’ve also read that the Powerbook is becoming the laptop of choice for sysadmins due to Mac OS X’s UNIX underpinnings. I guess what I’m getting at is that when I want to play around, I use Windows XP. When I want to get work done, whether at the office or on MK Online (especially when at Gamer’s Day or E3), I rely on my Mac.

“So, in my particular case… which is the toy OS again?”