Faith in humanity == 0


Yesterday probably would have been a fairly uneventful day at the office, had it not been for one thing that happened in the afternoon. I’m still reeling somewhat over the whole damn thing.

I was sitting quietly at my desk, checking up on a couple of issues, when the president of one of the OU’s at our company came into my office, and asked if there was any way we could change the hold music on our phone system. It’s easy enough, really… we had a Muzak system installed here about a month and a half ago. I asked why, and he told me had been getting complaints about it from his customers. Apparently a couple of his customers had called it *ahem* music, and another said it sounded like an *ahem* funeral.

(Replace *ahem* with a very derogatory racial slur.)

I wish I could really be surprised at the use of the term, but the fact is that the industry I work in tends to lean towards either a “good ol’ boy” and/or a redneck mentality. What caused me to blink was when I went into the phone room to change the Muzak station. It was set to “Light Classical”. Since when was J.S. Bach *ahem* music?

*sigh* I’ve switched it to “Country Currents”. If anyone else complains, though, I’m going to switch it to “Kid Tunes” and let them suffer.