Headache overwhelming…


I’ve got a splitting headache right now, I need caffeine, and I’m running on less sleep than usual. Truly, this is not one of my better days. Hell, it wasn’t one of my better weekends. Dave and I got the video from Louie’s party finished, and the three of us went to P.F. Chang’s for dinner Saturday. That and seeing the season finale of Doctor Who were about the only things that went right this weekend. Otherwise… bah.

It all started Friday night, when I decided to do an update to the web/proxy server at the office. I hadn’t done it in a while, and figured it needed doing. Problem was, it was one of those things you have to wait to do after hours. So, I ran the update… and by the time 3:30 AM rolled around, I said to hell with it and went to bed, intending on restarting the updated services when I woke up and letting it finish while I slept. At 7 AM, I woke up, got the box rebooted… and found to my horror that the proxy server was now broken. After an hour or two of frantic testing and researching, I found that the only fix I could do was upgrade the server to a more recent Linux version. *grumble* So, seeing as I already had plans Saturday, I went to the colocation on Sunday and spent a couple of hours wiping and reloading the box. Then, this morning, I had to spend time finishing fixing the timeserver implementation as well.

And if all that didn’t annoy me enough, I got into work late because of horrific traffic (which seems to have affected everyone)… and found that the Coke machine was stealing coins and not accepting dollar bills. I ended up doing a run to the Texaco station at the corner for a Diet Coke. (It was either that or coffee, and I’m not a big fan of coffee.) AND, I find I have to run to Cypress today to uninstall and reinstall SmarTeam on an engineering workstation.

*sigh* Why me?

Anyway, that’s enough ranting out of me…time to check the new NTP server install here and make sure it’s still working properly. Fun fun…