Another weekend, and another Cirque du Soleil show…

Well, it’s the end of another weekend. I can’t say it was too productive, but it was rather fun.

I can’t say I did much Friday night, other than talk to Misty and play a lot of Gears of War single-player. I’ve been playing the game through single-player again, this time in Hardcore mode so I can get some practice for online play. It’s been fun, really, and it’s definitely one of my favorite current games. Mostly I play with folks from #mortalkombat, but at some point I might jump in some ranked matches and see what happens.

However, Saturday was more or less the big day. A few months ago, Mom picked us up tickets for the touring Cirque du Soleil show Corteo that was showing at Sam Houston Race Park. This would be the sixth Cirque du Soleil show we’ve seen; for the record we’ve also seen O, Zumanity, Varekai, Kà, and Delirium. We went ahead and got dinner at TGI Friday’s at Willowbrook. After dinner, we went to Sam Houston Race Park, parked, and made our way to the tents… only to find that what Mom got were tickets with “Tapis Rouge” access. In other words, we got access to the VIP area, where they served champagne, appetizers, coffee, and the like. During the intermission, they had servers serving cups of chocolate from a chocolate fountain; they also provided marshmallows to dip into the chocolate. Also, they had their own bathroom area, which proved useful later on. :-)

So, how was the show itself? I REALLY enjoyed it, and I consider it right behind O and Kà in quality. I highly recommend it. :-) The ONLY complaint I have has nothing to do with the show itself, per se. There was a family behind us of two guys with Vietnamese wives. Throughout the show, neither woman could shut up. I probably wouldn’t have minded so much had they kept their voices down. Unfortunately, they didn’t, and both my dad and I were getting really annoyed. We would have said something had their husbands not been twice our size, though. That aside, we really did enjoy ourselves. On the way out, we got a final parting gift: a CD by someone named Alain Vinet called Mouvement Day by Day Vol. 1.

As for today, well… it’s been quiet. I spent most of the afternoon watching discs four and five of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Afterwards, I brought the PowerBook down to the kitchen, where I imported the Vinet CD into my iTunes library and bought the soundtrack to Corteo from the iTunes Store. I’ve also taken the time to replicate the library back to my main PC and my work laptop. However, I’ve also realized that I still need to take the PowerBook in for repair; that spacebar is still being a pain. I might do that later this week.

Speaking of later this week, I don’t have that much planned. I’ll have to take my car in for an oil change on Tuesday morning. The lack of internet service at the Saturn dealership makes me glad I requested Cingular 3G broadband on my laptop. Then, on Thursday evening, we may be playing poker over at Anderson’s house. I could use the extra spending money. ;-) Then, on Saturday, there could be a movie night… provided I didn’t send in my RSVP too late. (Edit – 10:30 PM – Turns out Brian set me straight; I will be going to the movie night Saturday evening.)

Ah, well. It should be a decent week all told. At least it was a good weekend. We’ll see how things go. :-)