Talisman is coming to Xbox Live Arcade!


Though it seemed like Capcom was giving Xbox Live Arcade all the love at their annual Gamers Day event, they did have two surprises up their sleeves for fans of the PlayStation Network. Rocketmen: Axis of Evil and and Talisman both represent very opposite ends of the gaming spectrum and while we got to go hands-on with the former, the latter was not presently available.

Talisman is based off a different strategy game, only in this case it’ll be sticking to its Games Workshop roots. Revolving around a 3-D representation of the board, Talisman is a translation of the tabletop game that sports one to four players on or offline, 25 characters from the franchise and expansion through downloadable content in the future. It will be seeing a release this winter for XBLA, PSN and PC as well.

Oh my God. As readers of this site my site know from a previous entry, Talisman was my favorite game in late junior high and high school, and I’m stoked to be able to play it on Xbox Live Arcade and possibly PC as well. (I have no intention of getting a Playstation 3.) It should be fun introducing a whole new generation (especially those from the MK community) to one of my favorite all-time games, that I was obsessed with well before the world had ever heard of Mortal Kombat. :-)