Old school Team Fortress

Holy crap.

As a lot of people know, the first official trailers for Team Fortress 2 were released within the past few days. In a bit of nostalgia, I decided to see if I could find the intro for the original Team Fortress… and I don’t mean Team Fortress Classic, I mean the ORIGINAL mod for Quake. Sure enough, YouTube failed to disappoint. :-)

Just as a side bit of trivia: the music is “Ecce Gratum” from the Carmina burana. When I worked for Custom Computer Centers, the sales manager loved that intro. So, for his birthday, I picked him up a copy of the Carmina burana on CD. He didn’t realize why I got it for him until it got to the appropriate track… ;-)

2 thoughts on “Old school Team Fortress…”

  1. I remember that Mr. Hastings had a copy of the lyrics to the Carmina burana, but would never let any students borrow it as he considered it too racy. When I ended up getting my copy I got one with the lyrics in the booklet. ;-)

    In retrospect, I should see if I can get my hands on the copy I bought Tom. The cover looked nicer, it was a better recording, and it also had the lyrics.

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