It sounds like a superhero’s car.

Well, it’s official. My 2002 Saturn SC2 is no longer in my possession.

I was out at my employer’s Cypress location yesterday, when my dad gave me a call. He was over at Spring Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge having his own car worked on, and he had seen this black Chrysler 300 that he thought would suit me to a T. I told him I’d go with him and look at it after work. As soon as I got home, we hopped into his car and headed up to the dealership, where he showed me the car.

I was not impressed.

The car simply wasn’t me. The interior was too fancy and I didn’t care for the appearance of the exterior. The salesman there (Reece, if you ever go by there) offered to show us other 300s; we looked, but I didn’t see anything I cared for. So, we continued looking, and eventually moved over to the Dodge Avengers. We took a look at a couple, and tried one or two. I found one I liked, and I eventually went home to get the Saturn. I brought it to the dealership, we discussed price… and now I’m the proud owner of a 2008 Dodge Avenger.

My new Dodge Avenger…

So far, I’ve been impressed. It’s handled smoother than the Saturn, is roomier, and is more comfortable. Time will tell how it goes, but I’m happy for now. Tomorrow morning, though, I’ll be taking it in to get the LoJack installed and also see what it would take to install a Bluetooth handsfree module into the car stereo. After that, I’ll just need to wait for the plates to arrive… so I can then get the new EZ-Tag for the car. (Going through toll booths is starting to annoy me.)

Ah, well. I’m meeting Dave (and probably Louie too) tomorrow, so we’ll see what they say. Everyone else who’s seen it has been impressed, and I’m inclined to agree. :-)

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  1. No, not everyone, the girlfriend was not impressed with the chick magnet car. :-P I wanted you to get the dang station wagon. Hahahaha

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